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What is Strength and Conditioning

Being a professional athlete is certainly not an easy thing. You must work towards maintaining a fit and healthy body in order to properly perform. Athletes must adjust and be ready for any condition that their sports may expose them to. The readiness and willingness of an athlete to take part in competitive sports is a sign of professionalism. Strength and conditioning is used to make tendons, muscles, and ligaments stronger to help prevent injuries while getting rid of physical imbalances. Another great benefit of strength and conditioning is promoting healthy bones to prevent bone decays and osteoporosis later on. Other great benefits include better posture, improved mood, powerful muscles, more energy and more. Continuous training will end up equipping trainees with stronger muscles and faster repetitions.


At Aktive Motion Physical therapy we use different methods to improve muscular strength, and we achieve this by increasing a client’s ability to resist force by using free weights, client’s own body weight, and other workout machines.  Our training sessions consist of gradual weight training that stimulate the development of muscular strength, so schedule an appointment with us for all your physical therapy needs in Naples, FL or call us at 239-280-0368. 

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