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What Is Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a frequent topic that we get asked about. This topic is even more relevant in the older people and in facilities like hospitals/nursing homes. Risks of falling are a real threat for older people because of all the complications that can arise as a result of a fall.  Even though it happens more in older people, risks of falling are a a concern for everyone. Results from a fall include but not limited to serious trauma, pain, bone fractures, paralysis and even death. Fall prevention represents guidelines and precaution that can be taken to prevent falls or to reduce the risks of it happening. Prevention is carried out based on what risk factors that can cause it such as neuromuscular, musculoskeletal factors, current illness, ongoing treatment, body balance and functional gait disorders, visual disorders. Environmental factors  like unstable building, pollution, disasters are also conditions that can increase the likelihood of falls.

At Aktive Motion Physical therapy in Naples, FL we provide prevention training to individuals who are prone to injuries and those recovering with injuries. schedule an appointment with us for all your physical therapy needs in Naples, FL or call us at 239-280-0368. 

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