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What is Auto Injury

Traffic collision and car accidents are two common causes of auto injury. When someone gets into a car accident, many times their injuries are to the head and/or spine, especially for passengers sitting in the front seat. The main reason is because they will experience a direct impact from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or glass. Head injuries can cause traumatic brain injuries that can be fatal if not treated immediately. Other common injuries include bone fractures, visual disorder, loss of hearing, internal bleeding, skull fractures, whiplash, spinal cord damage and more.  In conclusion, when you get into a car accident always seek help as soon as possible.


At Aktive Motion Physical therapy we provide care and treatment for patients with injuries from car accidents to help minimize their pain, and to promote a fast recovery, so schedule an appointment with us for all your physical therapy needs in Naples, FL or call us at 239-280-0368. 

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